Crochet Scrunchies

These crochet scrunchies will look great on your ponytail, messy bun, top knot or the end of a braid. Trust me, they are super easy to make.


2/23/20212 min read

Scrunchies are not only just stylish …

These stylish scrunchies can be made with any type of yarn and it is a wonderful way to use up leftover yarn from other projects. It is a quick crochet pattern and quite inexpensive, you can practically use any color to match your dress, skirt, pants or even your shoes. They are fantastic to make matching scrunchies for all the girls in the family to be use on special occasions. Wearing scrunchies on your wrist is trendy also.

Scrunchies are stylish and they are also very practical. I feel that wearing crochet scrunchies give less tension compared to normal hair ties and will grab better on ponytails or messy buns. They are very gentle to wear and don’t leave any dents in your hair.

How to crochet scrunchies !


All you need is an elastic hair tie, some leftover yarn, of course crochet hooks (size depends on your yarn)

Let's get started

Start with beige yarn

Round 1 : Single crochet all around the hair tie. There is no specific number of single crochet, just make sure to cover the whole elastic completely, then slip stitch into the top of the 1st single crochet that you just made to close the circle.

Round 2 : Work in the back loops only for this round, [CH10, slip stitch in next stitch] , repeat [ ] until the end of the circle.

Change to blue yarn

Round 3 : Work in the front loops only , [CH 6, single crochet into next stitch], repeat [ ] until the end of the circle. Cut the yarn and hide the end.

Well Done! Your crochet scrunchy is now finished. I hope you have enjoyed making this pattern. Feel free to share your finished project on Instagram and Facebook using #Vivmade.


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