Romanian Cord - Tutorial (Video)

12/31/20231 min read

Many of my projects feature the Romanian Cord as a strap, adding both strength and aesthetic appeal. The durability of the cord makes it not only sturdy but also visually stunning.

The Romanian Cord, also known as the Romanian Point Lace Cord or Romanian Point Lace Crochet Cord, is a technique used in Romanian Point Lace crochet. It involves creating a decorative cord that can be used for various purposes such as edging, jewelry, or embellishments. Here is a basic guide on how to crochet a Romanian Cord:


  1. Create a slip knot and place it on your crochet hook, Chain  2

  2. Work a single crochet into the first chain, and turn.

  3. Skip the stitch, 1 single crochet into the side loop, and turn.

  4. Skip the stitch, 1 single crochet into the 2 side loop.

  5. Continue the pattern of single crocheting back and forth until your cord reaches the desired thickness.

  6. Fasten off when your cord reaches the desired length. Leave a tail for weaving in or attaching to your project.


  • Choose a crochet hook that complements the thickness of your thread or yarn. This ensures that your cord has a consistent and appealing appearance.

  • Maintain a consistent tension while crocheting to ensure that your cord has a uniform thickness.

  • Remember to have fun and get creative with your Romanian Cord. Feel free to adapt the basic instructions to suit your project and style!

Here is a short video tutorial where I demonstrate how to make this lovely Romanian crochet cord.

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