Shelly Pouch

The crochet pouch features intricate and beautiful shell stitches, a true work of art


10/12/20222 min read

This is my latest pattern, the exquisite Shell Stitch Pouch. This stylish accessory is designed using raffia yarn. With its adjustable length and optional mini-pouch conversion, this versatile creation is bound to become your go-to accessory for storing small items.

The Shell Stitch Pouch highlights the beautiful charm of shell stitches, adding sophistication to your crochet work. These intricate stitches create an eye-catching pattern that will impress everyone with your skills. The rhythmic repetition of shells gives the pouch a mesmerizing texture, making it a true masterpiece.

The choice of raffia yarn for this pattern elevates the project to a whole new level of beauty and functionality. Raffia yarn lends a natural, earthy feel to the pouch, while also ensuring sturdiness and durability. It's a delightful yarn to work with, providing a unique crafting experience that is sure to bring joy to the creative process.

This PDF pattern consists of 7 instructional pages, packed with numerous photos to guide you through creating this beautiful pouch. So, grab your raffia yarn, hook, and PDF guide, and let's begin this enchanting crochet journey together. Happy crafting!

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