Here is the list of the most frequently asked questions

I need help with the pattern

I would be happy to assist you with the crochet pattern! Please let me know the specific area you are having trouble with, and I will do my best to guide you through it. Additionally, the internet offers plenty of resources on crochet techniques, stitches, yarn, hook sizes, and more. If the provided information doesn't meet your needs or if you have specific questions about my pattern, feel free to reach out to me at vivmade@gmail.com Please understand that I might not be able to reply immediately. Your patience is appreciated.

Language in which the pattern is written

All patterns are written in English, using U.S. crochet terminology.

Where else can I buy your patterns?

You can explore additional purchasing options for my patterns on alternative platforms like ETSY, RAVELRY and LOVECRAFTS

Do all of your crochet patterns include a video tutorial?

While not every pattern features a video tutorial, I do provide video clips for specific complex stitches that may be difficult to explain through written instructions.

Where can I buy the yarn you're using?

I'll make an effort to provide the yarn link, but please be aware that certain yarn may not be accessible in your local area.

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